Count Your Blessings, not Sheep

Lifehacker strikes again with this common sense advice:

If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep once your head’s on the pillow, even after reducing pre-sleep screen time, the Dumb Little Man blog has a few suggestions. Along with meditation, eating right, and novel reading, freelancer Monkia Mundell suggests a bit of writing:
Some people prefer to write into a diary, while others use a normal notepad. Whatever works for you is perfectly fine. Others yet use a gratitude journal. I love this, because it helps me to focus on the positive things in my life, rather than the negatives.

It’s certainly true that trying to sleep while thinking of everything that’s gone wrong, or possibly going wrong tomorrow, is much harder than forcing yourself to lighten up a bit. What’s your favorite pre-sleep ritual that sets your mind to rest?

You can read the original at the Dumb Little Man blog, which actually makes five suggestions to help you fall asleep.

And sleeping has been tring up in the news, too. The New York Times reports:

Most people, Dr. Ellenbogen says, think of the sleeping brain as similar to a computer that has “gone to sleep” — it does nothing productive. Wrong. Sleep enhances performance, learning and memory. Most unappreciated of all, sleep improves creative ability to generate aha! moments and to uncover novel connections among seemingly unrelated ideas.


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