Warning: this a marketing email I received, but it sounds as if it may be interesting and valuable. If you check it out, leave your impression in the comments.

I am the director of a local non-profit performing arts organization, SpeakeasyDC, dedicated to helping people create and perform true, autobiographical stories. I have been meaning to connect with Toastmasters for years. My father is a Toastmaster so I know what a wonderful organization it is. The reason I wanted to make contact is because I think your members might be interested in performing at our monthly open mic event and in attending our classes at a discount. 
Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, we welcome 8-10 performers to our stage who tell a true story on the night’s theme. Last month’s theme, for instance, was “Good Intentions: Stories about resolution, promises, and interventions”. The event takes place at a local lounge/restaurant on U St. and we get a fantastic crowd. The last two months were standing-room-only with almost 200 people in the house. To tell a story on the open mic, performers need to see at least one show, then go to our website and sign up for the theme they prefer. They will then get a call from our coach who will let them know if there is room in the line up and set up a time to run through their story over the phone. This is a complementary service and is required before anyone gets on our stage. 

In addition, we have two classes coming up that I’d like to offer Toastmasters members for discount of over 10%. The first is a one-day (6-hour) Storytelling Boot Camp on January 24th, which we can offer for $75, The next is a comprehensive Storytelling 101 course which takes place over four consecutive Wednesday evenings (3 hrs a night) ending in a student showcase starting on Feb. 18. We can offer this class at a reduced rate of $165. 

I’m confident that SpeakeasyDC’s courses complement the work that goes on in Toastmasters. While Toastmasters focuses on presentation, SpeakeasyDC focuses on content development – crafting cohesive and compelling content that will capture the attention of your audience and promote retention of information.  Once people have great content, Toastmasters helps them deliver that content with polish and confidence.


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