Brinker Toastmasters Makes Its Mark

Brinker Toastmasters waited until the last meeting in January before it made its mark on the new year, but what a mark it made: four new members joined our club today. Veteran Toastmaster Rick Eshbach became a member today and made an Icebreaker presentation that used stories from his past and an example from A Beautiful Mind to teach us all a few things. Brand-new Toastmaster Sisan Kipp told us about her career as a Registered Nurse. We’re still waiting for the first speeches from Choupel Lhundup and Tenzin Namgyal, but they participated in our meeting as Timer and Ah Counter and answered Topicmaster Liz Honnol’s question about what they were doing in a specific year and what it meant to them. And, for the record, Mike Schultz delivered another overtime evaluation and captured Wizard of Ahs honors with a healthy count of 15. Rick Eshbach snapped this picture after the meeting.

1/24/09 Brinker Meeting

Our next meeting is February 14, and planning is well underway. Liz Honnoll will make her Icebreaker presentation, Mary Anne Westover will close in on her Competent Communicator award with a presentation on Toastmaster protocol, and Margaret Farchtchi promises a speech about her recent trip to Saudi Arabia. Adam Liu will be Toastmaster of the Day, and Viki seems anxious to be Topicmaster for Valentine’s Day.


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