spring contest results

Brinker Toastmasters celebrated Albert Einstein’s birthday and anticipated St. Patrick’s Day and the arrival of spring with a resounding contest. Renee Crawford, visiting from Pauline Shirley Toastmasters took the opportunity to deliver her icebreaker as our model speech. Susan Kipp returned the favor with her first evaluation ever. Mike Schultz and Adam Liu also competed.

In International Speech, David Canes gave an enthusiastic speech about Franz Joseph and slipped in the news that one of his ancestors saved the life of Franz Joseph in 1853. Mike Schultz had a presentation about the touchstones that guide his life and the way they are being tested in the current political and economic climate.

Mike Schultz captured first place in both contests and will represent Brinker Toastmasters at the Area 83 contest on March 31. Thanks to contestmaster Ralph Sierra, Chief Judge Linda Schultz, and all the members who served in contest roles and supported the contestants.


2 responses to spring contest results

  1. Renee Crawford

    Thank you Brinker Toastmasters for the warm reception I got as model speaker. Giving my IceBreaker during a contest turned out to be a much more positive experience than I had expected, and in large part that is because of the very kind people that attend this club. I appreciated the helpful suggestions I received not only from the contest evaluators, but also from other members. I felt very encouraged. Thank you for the bookmark! I’ll remember my IceBreaker day whenever I use it!

  2. Ralph Sierra

    Thanks, Renee. It was a pleasure to hear an honest-to-god, struggling Toastmaster (like the rest of us) deliver the Test Speech, as opposed to a “professional” speaker, the likes of which are rarely evaluated, except as Test Speakers. Everyone appreciated the from-the-heart life story you shared with us, and it was a pleasure getting to know you. Please remember that you are welcome to visit, any time.

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