Strategy for Evaluation

In today’s New York Times, you’ll find an article in the Business Section that contains a sound strategy for evaluation. Speaking of giving feedback to employees he manages, video game designer Will Wright has this to say:

A lot of the people I’ve managed — artists, programmers, producers — they don’t want to know just if they are doing a good job or not. They want to be pushed and challenged in their career.So, if they feel like you are presenting things to them in such a way that, a year later, they are definitely going to be a better artist or a better programmer, then it really feels like a win-win. Even if you give them tough critical feedback, they see the benefit and value of it, as opposed to just a typical performance review.

Wouldn’t it be powerful if we remembered this lesson every time we gave a speech evaluation and made sure we were giving the speaker advice he or she could grow on for a year or more?


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