Watch speaking coaching at work

Stephanie Benoit has won a 15-week coaching course from Washington communications consultant Denise Graveline.What seems unusual to me is that you’ll be able to follow Stephanie’s progress as she works with Denise to build up her confidence as a speaker and overcome her fear of speaking in public. Go visit the Eloquent Woman blog to see how they’re getting started and to see Stephanie’s thoughts on this opportunity. This looks like an exciting opportunity–we get the chance to learn by watching another speaker’s growth and we can contribute to the growth. Stephanie seems very open to hearing comments from all viewers. Maybe Rick will take an opportunity to tell us how he uses videos to grow as a speaker.


One response to Watch speaking coaching at work

  1. Thanks for sharing the contest, Mike! Stephanie and I are both looking forward to sharing the coaching and getting constructive input to get her started. And your readers should know that I’m working on a 15 Weeks to Step Up Your Speaking workbook for those who want to try this for themselves. Hope everyone enjoys the coaching…

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