Bring Your Personality When You Speak!

Next time you prepare your presentation,make it more personal, include a story involving you.

“It used to be that women thought they had to check their personalities at the door. But the more you need to hide, the less fulfilled you’ll be. We need to bring more of ourselves into that door, into our workspace, so we feel more at home. ” Charlene Li (Co-author of Groundswell, thought leader on emerging technologies)

Why Personality matters?

When people start talking about what happens to them, they become real. You can identify and you feel connected, closer. I am not speaking about disclosing your private life and secret garden, but moving from strictly professional to “more of YOU” into your professional life.

A great post from Marion Chapsal’s blog. She’s directed it to women speakers, but I think there’s something here for all of us. Go to the whole post for some great presentations that take the argument further and show that you really can make a difference.

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