Dealing with a tough topic

You may not like to speak in public. You may fret over your delivery, voice, outfit, the lighting. Or perhaps you’re a happy speaker, ever willing and comfortable. But when your topic or subject creates the difficulty, you’re facing the great equalizer, the challenge that might thwart both the confident and the shy speaker.

And the definition of “tough topic” rests with you, the speaker. It may be tough for you personally–the eulogy of a parent who’s died, or the toast to a child on her wedding day. It may be tough for you as a speaker, if you face a contentious topic or audience that might explode, or if you’re especially nervous. Tough can be a momentary but pointed political debate, an argument impossible to win, your nerves about the topic, the circumstances of the day and more. So how to plan and prepare? Here are five ways to take the plunge:

Here’s some valuable advice for speakers with a tough topic to deal with. (I remember hearing a few Toastmasters presentations in which the speakers had precisely this challenge.) Click through for five suggestions from Denise Graveline.

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