Don’t Be Average

You don’t need a blogger to tell you this, but sometimes it helps to hear it. Andrew Dlugan got my attention with a long post titled Average Speakers Suck. Don’t Be Average. Jonathan Thomas finished the 1-2 punch with Create Remarkable Presentations or Be Ignored, in which he makes his point with some pretty remarkable photographs. Andrew winds his post up with some heartening advice

Why is the average speaker so bad? Like golf, most people in the world never receive any formal communications training, and they never pursue any informal training either. We all pay the price. Think of the last 50 presentations you have attended. How many kept you interested throughout? Ten? Five? Fewer than five?

The small fraction of the population who strive to improve their skills (that’s you if you are reading this article) has a huge advantage.  If your communication skills aren’t already above average, they will be. And above-average communication skills give you a huge advantage in life. Your ideas get communicated and noticed. You excel in interviews. You are seen as a leader.

The good news is that anyone can improve their skills with dedication, effort, and time. Read Six Minutes. Read other speaking blogs. Read communication books. Join a Toastmasters club. Volunteer to speak whenever you can. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Don’t be an average communicator. Be effective.

You remember what you were going to do after you finished shoveling snow. Practice



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