Deadline for Officer Training Extended for District 27

Good news for District 27 club officers who missed training because of the weather. You have few more days to get that training in. See the attached letter from International Director Annelie Weber and watch for announcements of additional training opportunities.

Dear District Leaders,

I have just received Kristen Rolapp’s most welcome message saying that all of us can extend the deadline for club officers trained until March 15.  Because the TO line is blank I can not judge who was copied and because I don’t want anyone to miss out on getting this news ASAP, I am forwarding Kristen’s message to all of you.

Since we all talked about this possibility at great length for almost two weeks, I hope that you have planned, in the background, to get a few TLI sessions off while we were awaiting WHQs answer to our extension request. 

Please make sure that no one club officer who has not been able to get to training can say that he/she didn’t get the news.  Set up telephone trees if you have to; don’t rely solely on email and web site notifications of this extraordinary opportunity to get more officers trained and for some clubs to add such training toward reaching their DCP goals.  I do hope all of our district club officers who were unable to make scheduled trainings due to the horrible weather conditions take advantage of this. 

Though I also realize that all of you have to work extra hard to find venues and trainers on short notice.  Good luck and much success.  If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. Annelie

PS:  How about a big great cheer for our WHQ staff?

Annelie Weber, DTM
Director – 2008-2010
Board of Directors, Toastmasters International

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