District 27 Announces Officer Candidates

The list of candidates for District 27’s elected offices for the 2010-2011 Toastmaster Year follows:

For District Governor: Paul White, DTM

For Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (listed alphabetical by last name):

  • Shu Bartholomew, DTM
  • Bessie Johnson, DTM
  • Nancy Malthouse, DTM

For Lieutenant Governor Marketing (listed alphabetically by last name):

  • Mo Hamilton, DTM
  • Bill Malthouse, DTM
  • Imelda Rocha, DTM

For Division A Governor: Johnny Rodríguez, DTM
For Division B Governor: Dianne LaVanway, ACB/ALB
For Division C Governor: Denny Vearrier, DTM
For Division D Governor: Gary McGinnis, ACS/CL
For Division E Governor: Carol Grohman, ACB/CL
For Division F Governor: Jeff Cole, ACB/CL
For Division G Governor: Ken Henz, DTM
For Division H Governor: Dan Bukowski, ACG/ALB
For Division I Governor: Jay Brunkow, ACS/ALB
For Division J Governor: Bryan Senter, ACS/ALB

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