From JR, Toastmaster of the Day for Saturday’s meeting

We have a very high energy action jam packed agenda! If everyone could arrive at least seven minutes early to ensure a meeting where I can get everyone out by 11ish would be great. I have a few request ladies and gentlemen.

1). David can you plan on between three and four table topics and please do not call on the speakers or evaluators.

2). Bob can you keep your words of inspiration and/or joke/humor thought down to 3 minutes or less.

3). I need for evaluators to watch the timing lights to stay within the 2 to 3 1/2 minutes limit.

4). Adam/Mike is it possible to circulate some of the news, notes and next meeting’s agenda before the meeting and during the break?

5). Margaret can you or Karen handle the word of the day and let me know what it is?

6). My blackberry is 703-839-5166 if anybody needs to cancel or will be running late please let me know via text or phone call – Thanks!

7). I’m planning on only a five minute break; are there any issues with going with five minutes and not the normal ten minute break? Please Advise….


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