Who and Where are District 27’s Linchpins?

Here’s what Seth Godin wrote

Lizardflag Announcing worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day on June 14, 2010. In as many as 500 cities worldwide, here’s your chance to find some folks just like you.

One of the first linchpins I ever knew was my 3rd grade teacher. His daughter was born on flag day, and for some reason, I’ve never forgotten that. So in her honor, it’s Linchpin day on June 14.

Here’s a simple, fast and free way to find other Seth fans in your community. Meet other people who talk about this blog, read the books and want to make an impact on the universe. Find people who ship.

This one-time worldwide meetup lets you either volunteer to run your local in-person, non-virtual, face-to-face group meeting (in a bookstore, cafe or greenhouse) or merely join one. The page is simple. Find a city or add one. If the city needs an organizer, volunteer if you like. It’s very lightweight, free and it might just work.

Chemistry happens when people interact…

Have fun!

And here’s what District Governor John Lesko wrote

… Are you interested in organizing and/or participating in a linchpin gathering within D27? I know we have fans of Seth Godin within Toastmasters. These are people who fight the typical lizzard-brain responces of merely paying dues and simply showing up at their clubs’ meetings. Linchpins matter. Linchpins get things done.

… Who are the folks within our district that keep it going (present company excluded for I know how much you’ve contributed to extending Dr. Ralph Smedley’s dream).

I’m really fired up by this idea and I hope we can get some energy behind it. I’d love the chance to talk to some people about how we can use our web resources more effectively. I’d love to hear from you how we might use social resources like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn more effectively. I’m wondering how powerful it would be if our new Lieutenant Governors could talk to a group of people about their plans and goals for the year, and how many good ideas would be born (and how many volunteers would be identified) in the discussion that followed. What if our new Division Governors got together with the clubs and new Area Governors in their Division on Linchpin Day? The possibilities seem pretty positive and pretty astounding to me. I just wonder if we can find a bar or a coffee shop big enough to hold us all. Let us know in the comments what you’re thinking about and what you’d like to work on. And if you’d like to know more about Linchpins, click here.

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