Setting Vision and Direction for District 27 Toastmasters

From District Governor Elect Paul White

more than a scintilla….. 
Paul E. White, DTM
District 27 Governor

On Sunday afternoon, June 6, in the capacity of District Governor-elect, I met with the 2010 – 2011 District Leadership team (District Governor, 4 Lt. Governors, Treasurer, Secretary, Sgt-at-Arms, PRO office) to discuss the “vision and direction” of D27 in the coming Toastmaster year.  

What goals will we set and what achievements will we pursue?  What programs will we implement?  What values and guiding principles will governor our interaction with each other and with our D27 members?  What staff and financial resources will we need?   These and many more questions were explored by our Leadership team.  

The four-hour meeting was productive.  You will be pleased with the results (which will be made available to you soon through a report at the District Hail and Farewell (on June 26) and then available through our website, blogs and other social media sites.

What were the items most agreed on for the coming year?  That we will celebrate the member – that is make the member first in all that we do, that we will aim to finish the year distinguished simply by meeting member goals, that we will prepare the way for two districts to emerge successfully from the re-formation transition, and that in  all decisions and actions we will adhere to the core values of Toastmasters, Integrity, Excellence, Service to the Member and Respect for the individual.  Are we on target?  Let leadership know.

Please feel free to contact me at  I would love to hear your views on this summary, on the full report when it is issued, and on any matter related to Toastmasters. 

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