Seen on the Web: Sherrod and Levi’s

Have you been following the dustup between Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breibart, Tom Vilsack, and Barack Obama? The first really sensible commentary I’ve seen comes from Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal. Instead of talking about what the President should have done, she wisely focuses on what we all can learn from the story and even suggests that it become part of the high school curriculum across the country:

And maybe something good can come of it. The thought occurred to me after reading her now-famous speech, which is about the power of grace and the possibility of redemption.

Here’s a way to get some good. This September, when school begins, we should make the speech required viewing in the nation’s high schools. It packs quite a lesson within quite a story.

Another piece that got me thinking is Chris Brogan’s commentary on Levi’s new effort in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Best if you just take a look at the  videos Chris offers and see how the message of the frontier is all around us registers with you.


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