Mention Catan and I remember Jack’s presentation a while back. The game is now available  for the iPhone and is back in the news again.

We’re pitting two iPhone and iPad games against one another that are all about settling a brave new world. On the one side, we have the digital adaptation of the classic board game,Catan. In the other, we have a veteran PC title that’s made the leap to mobile, called The Settlers.

For some people, the word “Catan” will conjure up memories of hours spent haggling for sheep and building roads. Trust me, it’s more fun than it sounds – that nostalgia is what will pull most iPhone and iPad owners to give the digital game a try. The game board is broken up into hexagonal tiles, each with their own resource type. Players build settlements at the intersections of these tiles to gather surrounding resources, and construct roads to connect their towns. Every turn, dice are rolled to determine which tiles produce resources, which the players can then trade with one another as needed. There are a variety of win criteria, none of which involve going to war and razing your opponents’ cities to the ground, which is a nice change of pace. Instead, you earn victory points for having the longest road, the most (or biggest) cities, and amassing the largest army. The first one to a certain number of victory points (usually 10) wins.

Maybe it’s time for a tournament.


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