Working on sound quality?

Lifehacker introduces this video with these words

If you’ve ever used a microphone, you probably have some idea of what you sound like, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t occasions where you’re without recording equipment and want to know. Whether you want to hear how you sound when giving a speech or check your singing voice, you can find out the way you sound to others by using two folders.

The Coach’s remark about cell phones reminds me that when I first joined Toastmasters, I was given a presentation to the International Convention by Mary Ellen Drummond. If you want to change the way your voice sounds, she recommends changing your outgoing voicemail message every day for thirty days and she guarantees that you will have a different voice at the end of thirty days.

She’s right. I accepted the challenge, had fun doing it, and even developed a few new friends who decided to call me every day once they figured out what was going on just to see what my new message was.

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