The Power of Storytelling; the Power of Evaluation

Beeban Kidron’s talk on the shared power of film was on my list of videos to watch ever since I saw the pull quote TED was using to promote it: ”We are increasingly offered a diet [by Hollywood] in which sensation, not story, is king.” I managed to put off watching the video until I read an appreciation at Ethos3 that started this way

We’ve never seen a TED talk quite like Beeban Kidron’s TEDSalon talk on the Shared Wonder of Film filmed in London in May. It works kind of like synchronized swimming– her words merge precisely with a continuous reel of silent film and photographs. Her presentation matches up masterfully with the images on screen with an ease that belies much practice beforehand.

That was enough to convince me to drop everything else and watch, and I’m glad I did. Watch the video for its message and for Kidron’s technique. Click through to read all of the piece by Ethos3.

I think a presentation with visuals like this is way beyond me, but I’d like to experiment with a timed stream of images like Ignite. I’ve managed to avoid the preparation that has to go into syncing the words and the images; this video shows how effective the results can be.


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