Toastmasters and the New York Times

Reading the day’s New York Times at breakfast usually makes me whine I wanna go to New York after I read about some event or exhibition. I wanted to hop on the Metroliner today when I read about Sharon Hayes: There’s so much I want to say to you at the Whitney Museum of Art. The appreciation starts with these words

Ms. Hayes, 42, is one of several artists who came of age in the ’90s, absorbing the decade’s identity politics, and are now looking at that period from a critical distance. In her art political and historical references are always complicated by emotion and the vagaries of human communication.

and ends with these

Here and at other points in the show it’s clear that she is also asking whether we can reuse our language, whether it has to grow and change along with social movements. As she says in “Everything Else Has Failed”: “I’m trying to find a different way to talk to you. We have to forget the words we’ve known before. It’s impossible to learn how to speak to each other once and for all. Almost everything has to be re-envisioned, has to be rebuilt anew.”

There are some images from the show at the link and plenty for a Toastmaster to think about. How do we talk to each other for meaning and impact?


Respond to Toastmasters and the New York Times

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