Video in PDF

Jan Schultink posted this tip over at IdeaTransplant, where you’ll find all kinds of  good ideas for your presentations. If you’re running Acrobat X or higher, you can embed video in a pdf file pretty easily:

  1. Save your presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote) as a PDF without the video
  2. Open the deck in Acrobat X and select tools at the top right
  3. Select multimedia, select video, and draw where your video should go with the cross hairs
  4. Select the video file, or insert a YouTube link (I went for the first option, the video size was below 10MB)
  5. Select advanced options, and select use poster image from file to pick the right cover
  6. Click done

I can only imagine how impressive and effective this technique is—I’m running Acrobat 8 and the embed doesn’t work on iPad. Still, this might be a technique to keep in mind to make presentations memorable.


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