You’ve heard it from me before (so I’ve introduced a category to recognize it with this post): speakers and the Toastmaster of the Day can do a lot to ensure the success of a presentation with a good introduction. (Use your imagination to visualize the consequences of a bad introduction.) At The Accidental Communicator, Jim Anderson provides some useful advice and thorough analysis of the art of introduction. Here’s the lede.

Got any thoughts on how you would like to start your next speech? What words of wisdom will you use to start your speech in a way that will capture the hearts and minds of your audience from the get-go and cause them to use their listening skills to really hear what you have to say? Hold on, it turns out that if you wait until you start speaking to start your speech you may already be too late — no presentation tips are going to save you now. I’ve got a better way for you to get your next speech off to a good start…

Respond to Introductions

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