Anticipating the Convention

  1. CaltechTI
    RT @Toastmasters: Only 15 days left until the #Toastmasters International World Championship of #PublicSpeaking!!! #TIConv12
    Sun, Aug 05 2012 21:04:10
  2. Jim is one of this year’s candidates for Second Vice President.
  3. jimkokocki
    RT @Toastmasters: Only 15 days left until the #Toastmasters International World Championship of #PublicSpeaking!!! #TIConv12
    Mon, Aug 06 2012 16:54:38
  4. SpeakTheMovie
    Ready for #ticonv12 – another kind of homecoming – first went to it 5 years ago (!) – we’ll have a booth with DVDs to sell! #speak
    Wed, Aug 08 2012 10:46:18
  5. In case you needed a reminder that we’re an International organization.
  6. tmsevilla
    Si quieres seguir la >> #Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking 2012 >> puedes hacerlo del 15-18 Agosto a través de >> #TIConv12
    Thu, Aug 09 2012 11:36:43
  7. TimSwearingen
    Get to the gate in Atlanta and bump into PIP, Ted C. There must be a convention nearby. #TIConv12
    Sun, Aug 12 2012 11:13:30
  8. Jim Key won the International Speech Contest in 2003.
  9. thejimkey
    It happens every year. 2 days from departure, & I’m positively ITCHING to be at #TIConv12. Looking forward to seeing old & new friends.
    Sun, Aug 12 2012 21:40:42
  10. This year’s speakers (and their supporters) are beginning to get excited.
  11. Toastmasters59
    We are all behind Jorge Crespo, our champion at the #TIConv12 in Orlando !! The contests start Thursday – Go Jorge !!
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 11:59:05
  12. vsmanoj
    #TIConv12 Looking forward to deliver and share my semi final4 speech. Representing Singapore and Thailand – District 80. See you there!
    Tue, Aug 14 2012 12:59:20

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