Haiku Deck

If an iPad suits your presentation style, you might be interested in downloading Haiku Deck, an app that wants to make it impossible to design ugly presentation slides. Fast Company says

The app, as its name suggests, is all about brevity, enabling users to make clean, concise slide shows–or decks–with a heavily streamlined feature set. Using it is fiendishly simple: You enter a few keywords of text onto a slide, and the app searches a database of over 35 million Creative Commons images that suit your subject. If your text says “Fierce Dedication,” you might get an artful shot of a tiger or a football team to use as the slide’s background (though you can always use a photo of your own). Finding that compelling image for you, Tratt says, is one of Haiku Deck’s key achievements. “People spend a ton of time doing this manually … so we thought we could really delight our users if we made the process just happen automagically, and then embed the Creative Commons attribution right in the deck.”

I’m checking it out just to see how helpful  the app is at matching images to content.


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