What If?

Just forget about politics—just think about any time in your life (that) you've been confused, or angry, or frightened, or resentful or anything, and you didn't know what was going on. In those moments, explanation is way more important than eloquence, and rhetoric falls on deaf ears. So the only chance I had to get anybody to really listen was to say “Look—here's what I think happened. (Motions.) Boom; boom; boom; boom.”

And one of my favorite responses came from a guy who said “I'm a conservative Republican; I never voted for Clinton. I never even thought he was eloquent. But he treated me like a grownup, and I appreciated that.

Former president BILL CLINTON, on how he approached his DNC speech, on The Daily Show.

Words of wisdom from an adept Secretary of Explaining Things.

A quote from Bill Clinton and a comment from an (admiring) reader seen at Tumblr. What if we all had the same gift for explanation? What if we all recognized the issues that we could understand and explain clearly and brought them to club meetings and our other speaking opportunities?


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