Keeping the Commitment: Attend Club Meetings Regularly

Back in May, I linked to a powerful thought from Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Whether or not you can never become great at something, you can always become better at it.” But you won’t become better unless you work at it, and that’s a great opening for a review of the first clause in A Toastmaster’s Promise. You might not remember it, but you signed that promise when you first became a Toastmaster. It’s on the back of every membership application. The first pledge is to attend club meetings regularly. And it’s there for a reason. Most of us come to Toastmasters with more ambition and potential than speaking accomplishment. To get to the level of accomplishment we want, we’ve got to work at our craft—work through the basic manual, learn from evaluations, listen to other speakers, and participate in the management of our club.

It’s a simple choice really—take advantage of membership and work through it or stay we are. When I was able to be a more effective evangelist for Toastmasters, I never tired of telling audiences that every person I watched work the Toastmasters program improved in some way. I know that still to be true. So if you haven’t been attending meetings regularly, why not decide right now to get to more of our Saturday meetings. You’ll help us improve, and—more important—you’ll get better too.

The Successful Club series is a collection of 12 scripts made available by Toastmasters International to help members understand what it takes to conduct quality club meetings and how they can build a quality and high-performing club environment that allows each member to be successful. Presentation of two programs from The Successful Club series can be used to satisfy requirements for the Advanced Leader Bronze or the Advanced Communicator Silver awards. We’ll take a regular look at the programs in The Better Club series here, starting with Keeping the Commitment. Please share your thoughts on the club and the series by leaving a comment.

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