Strategies for the Debaters

Daily Beast has an interesting article about communications strategies for Romney and Obama in the upcoming debates. As I read it, though, I realized it was full of tips that would be useful for all of us, not least of all if you’re working on that advanced project about dealing with an antagonistic audience. Here’s a tip from the article to get you interested:

Don’t look down, don’t flinch, don’t look like you’ve been gored,” McGowan said. “And beyond everything, don’t start scribbling notes. That is a dead giveaway that you’ve got nothing in the bag.

If you have a thought about the article that you’d like to share with the club, remember to leave a comment.


4 responses to Strategies for the Debaters

  1. Here’s something to marvel at—a memo on debate preparation by Ron Klain. The source notes that “After 20 years of work on Presidential, Vice Presidential, Senate and Congressional debate prep, [Klain] has developed a few “rules” for how to get candidates ready for this very important element of a campaign.” While I think the document is interesting in its own right, it also has a lot to tell every Toastmaster about preparation even if our speeches are usually only seven minutes long and are never broadcast to a television audience. The suggestions for groundwork are great—start by writing your dream post-debate headline and develop a list of three items you must say in the debate—and the suggestions for debating—practice, practice, practice, practice the basics, inside and out, backwards and forwards, and make sure you get feedback from a prep team that is compact and candid—are words to live by. Can you imagine putting the same kind of effort into our club presentations?

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