A Toastmaster’s Promise: To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments

Past District Governor Marianne Meadows was one of my first mentors when I became a Toastmaster, and she wrote a short piece that illustrates the third pledge in A Toastmaster’s Promise—To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments. She listed most of the Toastmaster meeting roles, and she added a list of the skills that members develop or practice as they perform that role.

The key for me is performing the role. Since you aren’t going to get the benefit if you don’t practice the skill, it seems to me that there shouldn’t be any wallflowers or no-shows in Toastmasters. We should all be seeking opportunities to perform all the meeting roles and do the best job we can.

Take a look at Marianne’s list. If there’s a skill or a benefit you think should be added, why not leave a comment to tell us all about it.


  • Leadership skills
  • Organize a meeting
  • Chair a meeting
  • Keep meeting focused and on time
  • Prepare and follow an agenda
  • Communication skills
  • Deliver introductions that prepare the audience to listen to the next speaker
  • Develop impromptu skills by transitioning from one speaker to the next
  • Develops listening skills
  • Providing short introduction to the theme of the meeting

General Evaluator

  • Leadership skills
  • Chair a portion of a meeting
  • Keep evaluation portion of the meeting focused and on time
  • In communication with Toastmaster match evaluators to speakers
  • Analytic skills developed through evaluation of meeting functionaries
  • Communication skills
  • Provide feedback to evaluators on their remarks
  • Organize coherent remarks for meeting management improvement
  •  Prepare impromptu remarks for each evaluator
  • Develops listening skills


  • Leadership skills
  • Practice in giving effective feedback so members can build from their strengths
  • Analytic skills to provide specific positive feedback and limit remarks for improvement to the most important 1-2 changes you’d suggest for next speech
  • Communication skills
  • Preparation of a short speech within 5-10 minutes that includes an opening, body and conclusion
  • Ability to deliver negative feedback in a supportive, specific, helpful manner
  • Develops listening skills

Table Topics Master

  • Leadership skills
  • Chairs a mini portion of the meeting and keeps it running on time
  • Communication skills
  • Develops questions around a theme that anyone could answer
  • Ensures everyone in attendance has a speaking opportunity


  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills practiced throughout the meeting ). Points out the descriptive language and “tun of phrase” that grabs and holds our attention)
  • Develops ability to give feedback in a non-judgmental way


  • Thinking skills
  • Ability to listen to a speaker while also paying attention to the timing

Respond to A Toastmaster’s Promise: To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments

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