Two bloggers directed my attention to the uses and power of quotations this week. Jim Anderson started things off at The Accidental Communicator.

If we can come up with a memorable statement that we use in our speech, then we stand a chance of making a lasting impact on our audience and sharing with them the importance of public speaking. Now just how does a speaker go about creating a memorable quote? Click here to learn more…

Not much later, Brian Jenner, founder of The UK Speakerwriter’s Guild, was himself quoted in a guest post at The Eloquent Woman. He gets down to rhetorical tradition of quoting

In rhetoric, there is a term diatyposis, which means recommending useful precepts. A classic example is the speech of Polonius to Laertes in Hamlet. Proverbs are easy to remember – they’re concentrated thought.

Quoting is a straightforward way to amplify a message. You’re using an external authority to make your point and the fact that you need a build up and context, means the line will stand out.

and he provides plenty of examples. That ought to be enough to get you thinking about the quotation you can use in your next presentation.


Respond to Diatyposis

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