Gotta love this photo found at the National Day of Unplugging web site. The observance aims to help people “slow down lives in an increasingly hectic world.” It’s an outgrowth of ten principles that a Jewish non-profit, Reboot, calls the Sabbath Manifesto. It seems contrary to the spirit of this thing to be pecking away at a computer about it, but it’s a concept I’ve been interested in ever since I heard William Powers talk about it on the NewsHour. It’s been demonstrated to me over and over again, notably by Krista Tippett, who notifies her Twitter followers when her weekly observance is about to begin, and Metropolitan Opera conductor Daniele Gatti, who spoke during the intermission of last Saturday’s performance about the dizzying pace of modern life.

We’ll see if I’m ever able to adopt the practice (I keep telling myself that it’s best taken in small doses) and how my next presentation goes. For now, I’ve just started following the National Day of Unplugging in hope of not missing next year’s observance.


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