At Google+ This Week

There’s been some great content at our Google+ community this week

  • Comment on a New York Times article that takes on the very issue that Amanda brought up in our discussion of Moments of Truth last week—not answering email
  • Comment on a Mental Floss article concerning ums and ahs—maybe we shouldn’t take them so seriously
  • A link to a David Ogilvy piece about writing that contains the observation “Woolly minded people write woolly memos, woolly letters, and woolly speeches.”
  • A list of 13 interesting podcasts including Radiolab, Science Friday (whose panel on paleontology was preempted this week by coverage of the bombers in Boston), and StoryCollider (who presented Andy Revkin’s story of his “lucky” stroke this week).
  • A notice of World Creativity and Innovation Week
  • An invitation to tell the world in six seconds why you joined Toastmasters

You can get the juicy bits  of all these stories, be at the head of the line for new stories that appear, submit items of your own, and engage the other Brinker members who have joined (I’m still looking for a way to use the chat feature or a video hangout to good advantage. Don’t you think it would be a good way to hold an officer meeting?), but you’ll need to be a Google+ member first. (Don’t worry; it’s free and there’s more to do there than Toastmasters.) Once you’ve signed up for Google+, just ask for an invitation to the community.

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