At Google+ This Week

More great content was shared to our Google+ community this week

  • A link to a Garr Reynolds (you might know him as the author of Presentation Zen) piece on Making Presentations in the TED Style. It’s interesting for including the TED commandments and identifying and providing examples of 10 different presentation styles. I’m partial to Jill Taylor’s talk, and I’m anxious to watch Isabel Allende and Ben Zander
  • A link shared by District 15 Toastmasters, the GrammarPhile blog at Proofreading now. It’s what every grammarian is reading now.
  • A Marie Howe quote that OnBeing shared at Twitter. They seemed to have Toastmasters in mind—”Language is almost all we have left of action in the modern world. Action has become what we say .”
  • A David Pogue video called 10 Top Time-saving Tech Tips. If you don’t already know some of these, you’ll probably be surprised to hear about them.
  • A link to a Tom Peters draft about what he’s learned from giving 2500 presentations over 30 years.
  • Tips from Fast Company about making the most of your weekend.
  • A reminder that the Poetry Out Loud finals will be webcast this week.
  • A followup to Margaret’s presentation yesterday from The New York Times—No Rich Child Left Behind.

At Google+ we’re focusing on building community—you can share content that will be of interest to other club members, comment on what you see, and keep up with meeting news.


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