Proposal A

My copy of Toastmaster magazine arrived yesterday and I was pleased to see a request for support of Proposal A at the convention. As explained in the notice, Proposal A is a series of amendments to the Club Constitution and Standard Bylaws for Clubs of Toastmasters International. I usually let my eyes glaze over when I see stuff like this, but the second-last proposed change got my attention, interest, and support: require each club to ratify its executive committee’s decision to authorize a proxy for representation at the Annual Business Meeting, and at district and area council meetings.

What this means to me is that members are (finally) being asked to take and express an interest in the in the administration of our area and district, in the issues that are decided at the International Convention, and in the election of Board Members at the International Convention. Too often, clubs don’t bother to return their proxies, or they submit them to district governors who vote them in personal rather than club interests. One of the results that I feel is that the board is detached from the clubs and not really responsive to the needs and interests of members. I don’t know if I’m going too far, but I think this is a chance to improve accountability in our organization. There’s no requirement to do so, but we can get into the spirit of the proposal, by discussing it in the club before this year’s proxy is submitted.


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