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Manner of Speaking

My friend, Gavin McMahon, is a founding partner at fassforward consulting group. He also writes a great blog on public speaking and presentations: Make a Powerful Point.

Gavin recently turned his attention on filler words. He assembled a virtual panel of experts and asked the following question: “How do you get rid of the ‘ummm’ word?” On the panel were Peter Watts, Lisa Braithewaite, Michelle Mazur and me.

Interestingly, even though everyone on the panel answered the question independently, there is a common theme in the answers: Reducing filler words when we speak is a worthy objective; however, we should not become fixated on them. Things such as content and connection with the audience are much more important.

To read the post and all four points of view, click here or on the great cartoon below that Gavin drew of the five of us. And be…

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