This Week at Google+

Despite the holiday, some interesting posts were made at our Google+ community this week. Stop by to learn more and to add your opinion to the conversation.

  • comment on Sabbath Manifesto’s National Day of Unplugging and challenge to unplug over Memorial Day. Since I was responding to a comment by Ralph as I crossed Hampton Roads, I have to admit I didn’t do very well by Sabbath Manifesto’s standards.  I’ve found a fallback position, though.
  • notice of a MOOC for public speaking offered by the University of Washington. If anybody goes for it, I hope they’ll tell us about the experience in the community or in the club.
  • a celebration of Walt Whitman on his birthday. This one was accompanied by a clip from American Experience and a link to a drop-dead gorgeous reading by James Earl Jones. The post from Brain Pickings also links to a mashup of Whitman, Carl Sagan, and NASA.
  • another nod in the direction of grammarians
  • announcement of a collection of posts on public speaking and presentations at Medium. Jan Schultink is the curator.
  • a quote on speaking from Jenna Fagnan pulled from the Corner Office column in the New York Times.
  • Lessons from David Michael on how Howie Mandel made him a better speaker. If you know Pittsburgh and Station Square, you’ll probably really like this piece.
  • An echo to that Sabbath Manifesto post from Smashing Magazine—This is going to be a quiet week for us: it’s an annual clean up week in which we rethink, improve, optimise and clean up everything. Sounds like a reminder to take a personal inventory as one Toastmaster year ends and to plan for the next one.

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