At Google+ This Week

If you didn’t visit our community at Google+ this week, you missed an opportunity to see some interesting articles.

  • Comment from Big Think on the way the MOOC is penetrating the university experience today, even the commencement speech: “As higher education delivery platforms continue to transform, universities have the opportunity to use these massive open online commencement speeches as online ideas platforms capable of reaching tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people around the world.” It makes me wonder what tools and media we’ll all have to become proficient in to earn the name speaker.
  • Notice of a workshop on body language
  • Notice of Denise Graveline’s new effort to track public conferences that include no women as speakers on their agendas
  • Comment on the shoddy Powerpoint that was used to brief the controversial Prism program
  • Notice of a feature that grammarians might find useful—Wired‘s Word Nerd articles
  • A link to Seth Godin’s recent post about his his first speaking experience. It helps explain why I’m still a Toastmaster and, I imagine, why many of you are too.
  • A link to a New York Times article talking about two of John Kennedy’s speeches. This one made me think about the power of words and a speaker’s responsibility.

If you think all that is too serious, we threw in a link this week to a couple of videos about pizza delivery, one by drone and one by robot. I’d like to see either in service soon


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