Wrapping Up Table Topics

Saturday’s Table Topics session ended with a trio of questions about usage of our web sites.

First, do you visit? Are you aware of everywhere we have a presence—  our blog, Rebel Mouse, Google+, and Facebook. What kinds of content would make you more likely to visit? Would you be more likely to visit if our content appeared elsewhere?

Next, what prevents you from commenting? Would you be more likely to participate if we were using a tool like Branch or Hangouts to encourage online collaboration?

Finally, what do you think about posting your presentation slides and handouts on our website?

Leave your thoughts about any of these topics in a comment. We’d love to see them.


4 responses to Wrapping Up Table Topics

  1. Toastmasters International chimes in with this thought from its founder at Twitter:

    Toastmasters (@Toastmasters)
    7/24/13 5:32 PM

    “You are not a real member of a group until you take your part in a conversation.” —#Toastmasters founder Dr. Ralph C. Smedley
    via Tweetbot

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