A Busy Week at Google+

There were lots of posts at our Google+ community this week on topics related to the Table Topics at our last meeting. If you’re not already a member and you’d like to add your thoughts on any post or add post of your own, just ask for an invitation. What you’ll find if you drop by

  • Thoughts on technical literacy and lifelong learning from Kevin Kelly, Richard Friedman, and Dave Eagleman. I don’t think I’m giving anything away if I hint it’s good for you.
  • A link to an article from Mashable explaining how social media is changing mentoring
  • A link to an interesting article on what words we can use to be more persuasive
  • Some proposals for upcoming meeting themes—one of them includes Pico Iyer’s lovely talk at TED Global
  • A powerful video from Nancy Duarte to support the suggestion that we share more of our presentation slides and handouts on our web site
  • An insight from Italo Calvino offered to support the notion that we share thoughts about our club efforts in comments about the posts seen here: One writes most of all in order to take part in a collective enterprise.
  • a suggestion that the massive response to a MOOC about public speaking indicates that there’s an obvious demand for Toastmasters training and worries that we might not be promoting our movement effectively
  • comment on teaching grammar to ninth-graders that might shame our own knowledge and  appreciation of grammar
  • an almost totally off-topic video of a drone being used as a wedding ring bearer

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