Words for the Dumpster

Grammarians and Toastmasters interested in the words they use (and aren’t we all?) will appreciate Timothy Egan’s op-ed in The New York Times today, a call to “throw out the most annoying, overused and abused words of the year.” I think his eight nominations are right on, especially brand and end of the day, for which my dislike has increased as it’s become more popular. Of it, Egan writes

END OF THE DAY A counter, seemingly, to the above dreary infinity. But think again: There is no end to the way that “end of the day” has been used to signify anything but a close of business. No doubt, the rise of 24/7 has made end of the day impossible, at least in the news and public affairs cycle. President Obama is a chronic abuser of “end of the day.” Most recently, he used it to describe how his health care law would be viewed. Raises the question: What day are you talking about?

The piece has already attracted more than 600 comments at the Times site. You can add your own nominations in a comment there or here.


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