Today’s Meeting

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Abhi told us about Holi, a festival of color, today. Here’s an image that captures some of the color and excitement of the feast, and here’s where you can find out more about the holiday on Wikipedia. Abhi also mentioned the commemoration of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, in his remarks welcoming spring, and he gave us lots to think about by pointing out that it’s World Water Day.

Prabhu’s inspirational opener about Steve Jobs painting a fence may have provided the real reason the logo on Apple laptops is upside-down.

And don’t forget that the Area 36 contest is before our next meeting, on April 5.

Sat, April 5, 1pm – 6pm
Patrick Henry Library, 101 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, VA

4 responses to Today’s Meeting

  1. Area 36 Governor Jim Wilson writes

    Winners and runners up from Areas 34 and 36 Speech Contests are:
    Area 34 Evaluation Contest:
    Winner: Paula Green
    Runner Up: Angie Toney

    Area 34 International Speech Contest:
    Winner: Tara Emory
    Runner Up: Andy Highfill

    Area 36 Evaluation Contest:
    Winner: David Chase
    Runner Up: Abigail Martin

    Area 36 International Speech Contest:
    Winner: Cheryl Baker
    Runner Up: Lindsay Hank

    Mary Jane was the District 29 Duty Photographer; she took lots of pictures.
    Dignataries present were: District 29 Governor Juliette Brown; Lieutenant Governor Education and Training Mahesh Patil; Area 22 Governor Shu Bartholomew.

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