Saturday’s Meeting

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Vishwa fascinated us during his icebreaker with tales of growing up in Mumbai. He mentioned the beaches specifically, and I’ve had a good time scanning images to find one to show. Most of the scenes are crowded, but some look secluded. Vishwa had me wishing I could visit India.

Abhi gave a challenging speech. If anyone wants to follow up, here’s a link that might be helpful.

And Mary Jane talked about motivation. I confess that I had trouble staying focused on the argument. Does anyone else wish that our meeting format allowed for more discussion of the content so that we could engage the speakers about their points? I found my thoughts wandering to Daniel Pink’s theories about motivation, and I was surprised to find this post from Explore when I got home which probably has some bearing. Comments are open if you want to leave a thought.



2 responses to Saturday’s Meeting

  1. I’ve been bothered since Saturday that I didn’t give a nod to Adam’s Table Topics. His first question immediately put to mind an old BBC radio program My Word, which always ended with a challenge to tell a story that “redefined” some words. It was hilarious; I loved it. I couldn’t find a sample to share until now—here’s a fan page on which you can find five episodes. Make the time; I think it’s worth it. Then you can wonder how I might have told a story about our meeting theme that involved Walt Whitman, the meadows of Brooklyn, and a chirping robot.

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