Yesterday’s Meeting

Brinker Toastmasters welcomed new member Chris Gilstrap at its meeting yesterday and listened to Chris Spielmann tell the story of the CSS Hunley. The Hunley Museum has a (balky) site, and there are references to the Hunley all over the web. I found a great image at National Geographic showing how cramped service on the Hunley was, but the site requires registration.

Ralph reminded us that club elections are coming soon—next meeting, in fact—and urged us all to service. No denying that it’s a job—There is work involved. You can find out how expectations are established in the Club Leadership Handbook—but it’s work with a definite reward. Maybe the best way to explain it is to use the words of a woman who was a candidate for International Director so long ago that I no longer remember her name.

All of our leaders in Toastmasters are volunteers. Club Officers, Division and Area Governors, Lieutenant Governors, District Governors, Directors, Officers, and the President. All of these thousands of people are doing 2 things:


  • contributing their time and enegy to enable all of us to have the TM experience; and
  • building and refining the specific communication and planning skills of leadership



If you’re curious about accepting the leadership challenge or if you’d like to know more about the opportunities that are available to contribute towards building the member experience in our club, please ask Ralph or one of the outgoing officers.


HunleyYou were all able to answer this question in a  category called Those Are My Initials, Too on Tuesday night’s Jeopardy broadcast, right?



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