Today’s Meeting

We heard about the Miss Universe pageant and the table topics prowess contestants displayed. Here’s a reminder from last year’s Miss America competition that it doesn’t always go so well.

Here’s where you can find even more examples.

Vocal Fry came up during our grammarian’s report. Here are four examples to illustrate

Catch the full report on Marketplace.

One of our table topics questions was about graduation speeches. That’s reason to point you to our post about great speeches from the past.

Sunday’s New York Times contained the annual review of commencement speeches. The title for for the 2014 edition is Don’t Shut Out Opposing Views. And there’s another nod to speakers in the Corner Office column. Bernard L. Schwartz, an investor who is the former chairman and C.E.O. of the Loral Corporation offers this answer to the question “When you talk to college grads, what advice do you give?”

Learn how to communicate well. Your bosses don’t want a long dissertation from you. They want their answer. Make sure you can deliver the message in a page or two, rather than giving a long presentation. Otherwise, you’ll lose them. I think that’s important.


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