Folowup from Today’s Meeting

The club recognized outgoing president Abhi Mishra for his service today. During the meeting he delivered his tenth presentation and qualified for the Competent Communicator award.



We also heard Anna Ryjik’s Icebreaker, and storytelling presentations from Margaret Collenberg and guest Toastmaster Jai Jaram.

Just found out that you might be able to follow World War I in Twitter dispatches—

And you can also learn more about Gandhi in two Twitter accounts. @GandhiPortal is  the account for the Gandhi Heritage Portal,  which claims to be “the largest authentic  information repository on Mahatma Gandhi. It is managed by Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmadabad, India.” @GandhiWisdom offers “Mohandas Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi quotes, sayings and Truth.”

I didn’t focus on the approach of Ramadan until after the meeting at lunch. Here’s a wish for all

We could all do with that.


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