Fall Contest Scheduled


Past District Governor Marianne Meadows. introduced me to this saying, and I’ve treasured it since I first heard it. I think it’s true for speaking, too—a speaker’s skills stretched to to a new dimension don’t snap back to their original level. They’re broadened, deepened, and improved by the effort. Brinker Toastmasters has just scheduled its Fall Contests, Table Topics and Humorous Speech, to give you a chance to test your skills against other club members and perhaps to take them to new levels in area, division, and district competition. We’d really like to hear you speak at our August 23 meeting, but if we don’t we hope you’ll attend to encourage the members who do and help with the judging, timing, and other administrative tasks.

Brinker Toastmasters will hold its Fall Contest at its meeting on August 23. Contact VPE Prabhu Shan for rules, eligibility requirements, and other details.

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