TED, again

Talks from the 2015 TED Conference are beginning to appear at the TED web site. I read about this presentation by Monica Lewinsky at the TED blog before video was available, and now that it has been posted, it’s been viewed more than 500,000 times. Notable too is the comment I’ve seen at other sites

It’s a long way from a club meeting to more than 500,000 views, but the path is there—preparation. practice, and finding and refining a message.


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  1. mikeschultz – Author

    Courtney Martin writes on the meaning and importance of Lewinsky’s message at On Being. She says

    It’s as if her new motto is, “What do I have to lose?” When you’ve been humiliated in the most public of squares, and you survive to tell the tale, you realize that the power to resist someone else’s story for your life is all that really matters. In the Internet age, we are each daily authors of our own public narratives. May we tell a story that reflects the full spectrum of our own humanity and may we treat others as they are — not a collection of status updates, but venerable and vulnerable souls.

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