Update from World Headquarters

Club officers recently received an update from World Headquarters which included information about policy updates and international elections which is of interest to all members.

February Board Meeting Minutes

The Board of Directors met February 19–21, 2015. During that time, the District Administrative Bylaws and two policies were modified. View the changes and read the discussions from the meeting.

2015–2017 International Director Candidates

The 2014–2015 International Leadership Committee has nominated international director candidates for the 2015–2017 term. Review the candidates who will be voted on at the August 2015 Annual Business Meeting.

Cast Your Vote for Proposal A

Delegates attending the International Convention will have the opportunity to cast their club’s vote regarding Proposal A: Amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International. The Board of Directors recommends voting in favor of Proposal A. Review the proposal for more information.

I was interested to see in the report of the board meeting that virtual clubs are being considered by the organization.

In response to increasing requests for an accommodation for virtual, or non-in person, clubs, in August 2014, the Board directed World Headquarters to research the topic and present a recommendation in February 2015. Based on the complexity of integrating the virtual club experience into the existing education and recognition programs, the Committee recommends continued research and evaluation with a final recommendation to be presented in August 2015.

The board also revised policies to include an explicit prohibition of bullying.

To increase awareness about expected behavior regarding bullying, the Board of Directors approved, by the required two-thirds vote, clarifying language and examples of behaviors that will not be tolerated, to be included in Policy 3.0: Ethics and Conduct, Item 1: Standards, Item 3: Harassment and Bullying.

Two candidates for International Director, Russell Drake and Robert Logan, have been put forward for Region 7 by the ILC. Take some time to review the materials they have made available. The club will be able to express its preference before the International Convention.

Proposal A formalizes a change in the names of district officers. Say goodbye to the governors you’re used to and welcome a district director, training program quality director, club growth director, and division and area directors. The new titles don’t cast the organization in a favorable light for me. They signify instead that the people who get paid to worry about these things are falling more under the spell of corporate consultants. I doubt that we can stop the change, but maybe it’s time to ask the Executive Director “What were you thinking?”


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