Today’s Meeting, 8/8/15

We started our meeting with a reference to Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of the Moth.” Here’s a setting of the only known recording of Virginia’s voice. For some of the backstory of this recording and a very short excerpt, see Brain Pickings.

We welcomed Susan Zhang to membership, and she presented her icebreaker, “Life is an Adventure.”

Finally, President Margaret Collenberg told the story of “The Mad King Ludwig.” Here’s a photo from Instagram to remind you of the presentation and Neuschwanstein. Take a look at another photo if you want a glimpse of the inside of the castle.


One response to Today’s Meeting, 8/8/15

  1. mikeschultz – Author

    Here’s Claudia Rankine on words via Poets and Writers

    “I think words are the thing that either triumphs for you, in your desire to communicate something, or fails. I love language because when it succeeds, for me, it doesn’t just tell me something. It enacts something. It creates something. And it goes both ways. Sometimes it’s violent. Sometimes it hurts you. And sometimes it saves you.”

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