Brinker Toastmasters is Moving!

Brinker Toastmasters is moving in October. Visit us at our new home at Our Lady of Good Counsel, 8601 Wolf Trap Road, in Vienna, Virginia. We’ll be just a mile and a half from the meeting place you’re familiar with.

2 responses to Brinker Toastmasters is Moving!

  1. mikeschultz – Author

    Margaret Collenberg has provided detailed directions and a map to our meeting place—

    You can get to the classroom in two different ways. If you enter through the front of the church, you bear to the left and take the stairs or elevator to the basement, go through the double doors and the classroom is at the end of the hall on the right. Or, one can enter from the side door that is most easily seen if you park in the first parking lot on the left as you approach the church from Niblick Dr SE. After entering from the side door, there are about 4 steps down and the room is the first one on your left. Frequently, the side door will be locked so the first person who arrives at the meeting should enter through the front of the church and unlock the side door. If the side door is locked when we start our meeting, we should ensure that it is locked as we leave the building. They observe the same schedule as the Fairfax County Schools – if the county cancels all school activities on Saturday, the OLGC classrooms will also be closed.

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