Reflections for the new year


Today’s word of the day aligns with the meeting theme, New Year’s Resolutions. How will you go about making and keeping resolutions for this year? Holstee has made a reflection worksheet available, the first I’ve seen for 2016. If you know a set of guidelines, please tell us about it in a comment.


12 responses to Reflections for the new year

  1. mikeschultz – Author

    Emily McDowell explains her approach to New Year’s—she writes a word of the year instead of resolutions.

    Do you do resolutions? I do a word of the year to focus on instead of specific resolutions, because after 38 years of not losing 20 pounds, I’ve learned that way works better for me. Writing a blog post tomorrow about my word for 2016. // And speaking of resolution-like things, I’ve always liked this card’s take on it. Maybe you didn’t get to holiday cards this year– this one’s for you! Thanks for the pic, @rps_heather – if you’re near Charlottesville, VA, check out Rock Paper Scissors!

  2. mikeschultz – Author

    What are resolutions for, if not to be broken?

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