Moments of Truth

Perhaps the most useful piece of Toastmaster advice I ever received came from Past International Director Dick Fath. He told me when I was judging a contest, I should form an idea of the best possible speech and then apply that standard against all the speeches I was judging. What if there was a way we could use the same principle to evaluate our club—couldn’t we form an idea of the best possible club and then see how our club measured up against that?

Toastmasters International has provided a place to start—the Moments of Truth program. The program first defines a moment of truth as “any time someone comes in contact with a club and then forms an impression based on his or her experience at that particular time.” Then it suggests six critical moments of truth in which clubs have an opportunity to create positive impressions. They are

  • First Impressions
  • Membership Orientation
  • Fellowship, Variety, and Communication
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization
  • Membership Strength
  • Achievement RecognitionWe’ll take a look at each of these moments in upcoming posts. But get into a frame of mind that allows you to ask not just how we can perform in each moment but how we can go beyond what we’re already doing and do even better. That’s the way we can become the best club possible. There’s a great article about brainstorming in the April issue of Toastmaster. See if the questions suggested in that article get you thinking about how we can perform in our club’s moments of truth.

Respond to Moments of Truth

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